Housing Adaptation Reports

If you are considering adapting your home due to illness, or a change in functional ability then contact us. We will provide advice on the most appropriate route to go in relation to adaptating your home. Our occupational therapist will then assess you and your home environment to provide advice and a report based on what your needs are. The assessment process is thorough, efficient and provides you with complete control in deciding on the future of your home. 


Independent Living Assessments

If you have difficulty in managing your daily tasks, for example; showering, making meals, getting around your home safely, then our occupational therapist will assess you in your home and provide advice and information regarding home and task modifications. We work in both private homes or residential care settings to provide you with comprehensive advice and solutions to maintain your independence

Lifestyle Redesign Services

After completing an initial assessment we will focus on working towards goals that have been established between you and our occupational therapist. These goals could be both physical and mental goals in areas of life, work, study etc..

These may include further visits to work on goals at home, developing a programme for you to follow for a number of weeks with follow up visits. The length of the programme is entirely dependent on you and your progress. Everything is led by you. Some people require regular input to build up confidence following a period of set backs, others are recovering from illness. A number of people require support to redesign their lifestyles

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